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13 June 2012

After promising several people late last year that I would make them a sparge/wort aerator head, I have finally managed to get some time to make them – apologies for the long wait ­čÖü

I’ve made a few of them, one to fit 10mm pipe and one to fit 15mm pipe. ┬áPreviously the 10mm pipe size was the preferred choice – possibly because it was easy to get 10mm stainless tube but I am not actually sure.

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8 June 2012

Over a year ago I decided I wanted to build a small Quadcopter. I bought some Hexatronic 5 gram brushless DC motors (HXM1400-2000) and some 6A Turnigy speed controllers. I designed a lightweight aluminium frame on CAD and did some research on how to stabilise it and control the four motors.

I came across an open source flight controller project designed for Quadcopters called Simple Flight Controller (SFC) which is based on an MSP430 – specifically the RF2500 2.4GHz development modules. I modified the source to compile on MSPGCC and got it to say “hello world” to me but then had to shelve it due to pressing work projects.

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