50 Things to do as a Cub Scout

A fellow scouting leader (and member of the Escouts forum) recently decided to come up with a list of “50 things to do as a Cub” in a similar vein to the National Trust but more tightly focussed on scouting activities.  I think it’s an excellent idea and the list he has generated is worthy of any aspiring Cub Scout. Continue reading

Railmotor virtually started

As a member of the Buxton Model Engineering Society, I have accompanied other members on visits to the Sheffield & District Society of Model and Experimental Engineers (SMEE) miniature railway at Abbeydale where we are invited annually for private “running” days.  It’s always fascinating to see the engines that others have built as well as ride on them and occasionally drive them.  A couple of years ago, I decided I should build my own scale locomotive… Continue reading

Quadcopter project resumed

Over a year ago I decided I wanted to build a small Quadcopter. I bought some Hexatronic 5 gram brushless DC motors (HXM1400-2000) and some 6A Turnigy speed controllers. I designed a lightweight aluminium frame on CAD and did some research on how to stabilise it and control the four motors.

I came across an open source flight controller project designed for Quadcopters called Simple Flight Controller (SFC) which is based on an MSP430 – specifically the RF2500 2.4GHz development modules. I modified the source to compile on MSPGCC and got it to say “hello world” to me but then had to shelve it due to pressing work projects. Continue reading

A new start with WordPress

I’ve had a weblog since the mid nineties (althought it wasn’t called that then) when the internet was in it’s infancy and for the majority of that time is has been a static website with a fixed set of pages that I edited manually in Notepad.

My first foray into content management systems was with CMSimple which is very good when you do not want to use a database at the back end but configuration is not as straight forward as it might be and getting plugins to work nicely together can be tricky.

Recently I have started seeing more and more Wordpress sites that I like the looks of so I thought it about time for a revamp.  So far, I am pretty impressed with Wordpress :-)