50 Things to do as a Cub Scout

A fellow scouting leader (and member of the Escouts forum) recently decided to come up with a list of “50 things to do as a Cub” in a similar vein to the National Trust but more tightly focussed on scouting activities.  I think it’s an excellent idea and the list he has generated is worthy of any aspiring Cub Scout.

He’s kindly said that the text can be shared so in order to help, I have formatted his list so that when printed on a single A4 sheet, it can be folded into a pocket sized booklet.  If you want to use it for your Cub Scouts, you can download a PDF by clicking here.  I’ve also done a short video on youtube showing how to fold it.

I’m planning to purchase a paw print stamp so I can stamp each one as they achieve it – like (this one on Amazon)

Hope this helps another Cub leader 🙂


Here’s one to help the Beaver Leaders out there 🙂  (PDF link – same video as above)


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